Amazing Tennis Tricks That Will Make You Go WOW! Know From National Champion From Siliguri

tennis player arnav adhikary

Championships are won at practice. Meet Arnav Adhikary, from Siliguri, West Bengal – a national gold medalist, an international bronze medalist at 20, few among the youngest at his age. Living in his own world of Table Tennis, he makes sure his Table Tennis prevails within. He doesn’t play Tennis. He breathes it, he eats it and he lives it.
Played over 100 tournaments at national and international levels and achieved what he dreamt of; represented India at various international levels as well.. Table Tennis.. which gave him identity “which the entire nation recognized” and he lives with the identity today. He holds the worth of it. Hard work and struggle has been his only success mantra till date.. From morning workouts to evening and overnight practice sessions, he gave his best effort and stands where he stands today.
Lets have Arnav Adhikari, a national and international champion in talks with us..

In Conversation with Arnav Adhikary :

What is your educational background?

I have been a student of Don Bosco School, Siliguri (in West Bengal) till class 8, after which I continued my education at St. John’s High School, Siliguri. And then, I have completed my education in B.Com from Siliguri College.
arnav adhikary tennis player

At what age did you start playing Table Tennis?

I started playing at the age of 8 years.

What inspired you to choose your career as a Table Tennis player and what motivated you to be a successful sportsman?

Nothing as such, I used to get loads of free time in the evening after coming back from school, hence my parents thought of utilising my time and put me into a coaching camp. Gradually I started playing well, earning medals in national level. When I got the chance to represent my country for the first time at an international championship in Iran, but Don Bosco didn’t grant me leaves. It was then when I decided to change my school and go to a school which would give me scope to play better. That one decision changed my life and what table tennis gave me thereafter is inexpressible.
international tennis player arnav adhikary

How did you manage your studies along with playing as a profession?

It was hard, but I wanted to continue both the ends equally, maybe that’s why I could do what I wanted to do properly.

How has your life changed while you came in this world of Table Tennis?

Life changed a lot. What table tennis gave me can’t be described in simple words. All I can say is table tennis gave me an identity which the entire nation recognized. It made me exceptional from the rest. It gave me opportunities to play for my country. That feeling is heavenly!

Could you share your one of the most memorable experiences and your best performances as you participated in state level, national level and international level tournaments?

arnav adhidhary tennis

My best feeling in my entire career was when I wore the INDIA jersey for the first time, earning every bit of it. As for my performances… I am a National Gold Medalist, State Gold Medalist, International Bronze Medalist, Asian Youth Games participant.

What role did your family play in choosing and continuing your career to this position today and how do they take your success?

My family was probably my biggest support.. specially my mother. Her contribution to whatever I have achieved today is inevitable. Mom and dad have blessed me throughout, supported me and it’s obvious that no one on earth is any happier than them.

Could you share with us a few achievements of yours?

arnav adhikary tennis player medals

I won gold medals at national and state levels, I won bronze at an international level. I was also an Asian Youth Games participant.

What were the struggles that you faced in this journey so far? How did you cope up and overcome those struggles?

I had daily practice hours which seemed hard initially but then to achieve I had to do what I had to do. Apart from that, struggles, nothing as such. I worked hard to achieve what I dreamt of and got fruitful results. Hence I am quite happy. I thank God for blessing me.

What is you message for the budding sportsmen out there?

tennis player arnav story interview

Keep playing. Be honest towards yourself, towards your game as long as you are playing. Respect your parents, God will surely grant you all that you wish for.


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