Shiv Khola - Siliguri's Chilling Point

Nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas, Siliguri is the gateway to the Northeast India, thus over the years trade and commerce have flourished and the city has seen enormous growth in terms of geographical boundaries and population.

As the buzzing youth have grown in number, more and more weekend hangout spots are coming up now and then, but nothing beats the nature, Siliguri and Siligurians are lucky to be surrounded by such breathtaking natural beauty.

One of such many spots is Shivkhola.

Take up your two-wheeler (Bike or Scooter) and on a bright summer, morning and head off to ShivKhola, making you way through the city traffic you enter into the beautiful forest cover in Sukna, soothing winds blow across your face tearing down the sweat you collected in the city, cooling your body and soul.

A 15 min bike ride from the main city will take you to Sukna where you need to turn right and go toward Sukna Railway Station (Station for Toy Train), the mesmerizing view and the aroma of warm momos will tickle your taste buds, but don't get distracted as the best part is yet to come.

Crossing the station you enter into lush greenery of the Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary and the road is excellent to ride on and might probably be of the most scenic roads in the country. A burst of fresh oxygen opens your mind and as you go uphill the breathtaking beauty of the mountains leaves you speechless.

Toy train on the road to Shiv -Khola

On reaching Rongtong, about 18 Km from Siliguri (about 45 Min ride) you can take a break and relish over some delicious momos and a bottle of beer (No drinking and driving but 1 bottle does no harm) in small wooden restaurants which give you a soothing view of the tea gardens below.

A sharp U-turn from Rongtong is a steep upslope which is the way to Shivkhola, this is where you gear up because ride from here gets really rough as the slopes become steeper and the narrow road are filled with potholes. But you would enjoy the ride as both sides of the roads are beautiful tea gardens and the aroma of tea fills the air. After about 7 Km of uphill ride starts steep downhill after which you reach a temple Shiv-Khola.

A beautiful Khola (River) flows beside the temple and is mythological said to be originated by Lord Shiva- Hence the name Shiv-Khola.
On a warm summer day, the dip in the Khola will be the best thing you would do, the cool water takes off the heat and leaves you with a cool and calm soul.

So pick your bike and head on for a trip of a lifetime.

By Dipesh Agarwal - The Himalayan Traveller


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