Sikkim: In five-hour-long operation, Army rescues 520 tourists stranded in hailstorm

Army personnel helping pull out a vehicle stuck in the hailstorm in Sikkim.

Army personnel have rescued 520 tourists stranded and pulled out 75 vehicles stuck due to a massive hailstorm that struck the hilly region of east Sikkim.

The five-hour-long operation took place on the evening of April 27.

All kinds of assistance including medical aid, food, water, warm clothes and lodging at the nearest Army Transit facility was provided to stranded tourists.


It was only due to the prompt action by Army personnel that these people could be rescued considering that sun sets in Sikkim around 5 pm and visitors find it very difficult to withstand the biting cold weather conditions here.

With all lines of communication currently non-operational, this is all the information available since reports last came in.


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