The secret treasure of Sangay Penjor, Bhutans richest man

Deep below the streets of Bhutan’s capital, Thimphu, is an amazing treasure – one that, until now, nobody except a very few of Bhutan’s richest family have ever seen. However, with the release of these amazing photos by a former servant of that family, the truth can finally be revealed about the Penjor family treasure.

At age 58, Sangay Penjor is Bhutan’s richest man, having amassed an estimated fortune of over US$92 billion dollars through his investment in the country’s energy and mineral industries. Born into a poor family, Penjor made his first million by the age of 23 after discovering a natural deposit of the valuable mineral tantalum in Bhutan’s north east. With his fortune from mining, Penjor continued to invest heavily in other industries in Bhutan, and is now the richest man in the country, and believed to be the 23rd richest in the whole world. But until now, nobody has seen photos of his amazing treasure collection.


A former servant of the Penjor’s, who has declined to be identified for obvious reasons, brought a smartphone with him on several visits to the Penjor family vault, and was able to take photos of the vast golden treasure that lies right beneath one of Thimphu’s major streets. The servant was assigned the duty of polishing the gold bar collection twice per week, and he used this as an opportunity to take hundreds of photos of the collection.

International gold experts have studied these images and have estimated that the Penjor family holds over 42 cubic tonnes of gold in their vault, which is nearly as much gold as stored at the US federal reserve in Fort Knox. “It’s quite extraordinary that [Penjor] has been able to amass such a stockpile of gold without news of this leaking out,” commented one Swiss gold expert. “If he was to flood the market by selling all his gold at once, it would have negative implications for the gold price.” However, Penjor has no plans to ever sell his gold, announcing he will hold it until he dies. What happens to the gold then?


Penjor announced that once he dies, all his gold will be melted down and sold. “It could fetch as much as US$56 billion once auctioned off,” commented the gold expert. With this money, Penjor’s intention is to divided it evenly and distribute it to every Bhutanese citizen who shares this story. “Only those who support Penjor’s legacy will receive a distribution of gold.” It is estimated that if everybody in Bhutan shares the story, each person will receive approximately US$20 million in cash, each.

Sanjay Penjor’s dream is that every Bhutanese person can become as rich as he has, and he wants to share his enormous wealth fairly between all. “It would be a wonderful world if Bhutan becomes the richest nation on earth,” he told reporters. “I just wish I could be alive to see it.”

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