Your Day Today - January 16, 2017



Jan 16, 2017


You are not a person who jumps at the smallest instigation. Slow and calculated is more in your style today. However you will be surprised as well as those who know you by your optimistic attitude. You will be in a much happier frame of mind. If others cannot match your optimistic attitude, you will not be indifferent or critical. Today's lucky Number is 7 Today's lucky colour is Saffron

Jan 16, 2017


This may be a good time for investment in the relationship front. The same can be said about important discussions that have direct impact on your finances. You should have your priorities right and not indulge in an over dose of social activities. Today's Lucky Number is 3 Today's Lucky colour is Purple

Jan 16, 2017


You will have a good rapport with important personalities at your work front, make the most of it. Opportunities that are in your line of vision can be considered as a possibility. This is not the time to indulge in self pity or indecision, be active and ready. Today's Lucky Number is 6 Today's Lucky Colour is Orange

Jan 16, 2017


You are in a fortunate frame of mind so go ahead with confidence today. Matters related to the occult and mysticism will also have a fair amount of impact on you. You will work with double your energy and will surprise all those around you. Today's Lucky Number is 4 Today's Lucky Colour is Indigo

Jan 16, 2017


The day is favorable in terms of relationships and overall prosperity. You will gain mileage at your job front with your persistent efforts and creative out put. Your steadfastness in the past will reap the benefits now. So cheer up and be happy. Today's Lucky Number is 5 Today's Lucky Colour is Yellow

Jan 16, 2017


You will be a happier person in the higher sense of the term. Duty first attitude may create some turbulence but those who are closest to you will share your concern and push you towards success. Money matters will keep you worried but gain of some sort is definitely on the chart. Today's Lucky Number is 9 Today's Lucky Colour is Red

Jan 16, 2017


People may call you misers today, do not let it matter. There are times when expenses are curtailed or stopped just to take stock of the situation. You are in a good and fortunate time frame. Most of the emotional confusions will clear up and show the road ahead. Today's Lucky Number is 1 Today's Lucky Colour is Emerald

Jan 16, 2017


There may be powerful intuitions that may push you towards hesitation. You will of course play it cool and be calculating. Never the less there will be some confusions in your mind because of this. Love and romance is well favored for those who are attached. Unattached persons should avoid casual romance. Today's Lucky Number is 2 Today's Lucky Colour is White

Jan 16, 2017


Try not to come to a conclusion too quickly today, if matters are not clear it would be best to wait for sometime. You may have to eat humble pie rather than take an assertive attitude. If you do that, there may not be any unwanted confrontation. Today's Lucky Number is 6 Today's Lucky colour is Pink

Jan 16, 2017


Asset creation or buying or selling is not favorable today. If you can bring yourself to listen to the advice of your family members or friends, things may start looking up. Keep your focus on your finances and you will soon find, where there is a will there is a way. Today's Lucky Number is 7 Today's Lucky Colour is Pale Yellow

Jan 16, 2017


Your premonition about some development in the professional front is likely to prove right. Your time is favorable and there are opportunities, push ahead with energy and optimism. Someone in need of money may approach you, so take your call and extend help. Today's Lucky Colour is Off White Today's Lucky Number is 5

Jan 16, 2017


This is not the time to take matters easy and cool, so be careful. You may not feel in the best of spirits, but all you need is rest and suggestions. Give time to children and have a good evening altogether. Today's Lucky colour is Cream Today's Lucky number is 4


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