Social media helps Santosh get a new camera, his only mode of income to feed his family

Some days back, a 68 years old Mr Santosh Gurung who is a professional photographer earning a daily bread for himself and family working as freelance at Denzong Flyover in Gangtok (Sikkim), some miscreants stole his camera. He was desperate and sad for few days. And, here The Telegraph Sikkim Journalist cum renowned Senior Journalist Mr Nirmal Mangar (in pic taking selfie) came across , when asked about camera Santosh Gurung said some one stole it.

For Mr Gurung to afford a new camera was beyond capacity as he is a solely bread earner member of family comprising of ill wife and unwell son.
Immediately Mr Nirmal raised alarm to social contacts in a Facebook Social Media Page for help, and within no time when matter came in Facebook, a Good Samaritan Mr Rajeev Lama (inset in pic) acted on tip off to purchase a camera for Mr Santosh Gurung.

Today immediately a Sony Camera was purchased and handed to Mr Santosh Gurung.

A Big applause goes to Sr Journalist Mr Nirmal Mangar and Mr Rajeev Lama for act of superb kindness and showing humanity.

Again it has proved social media helps. Keep sharing and keep liking.


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