Awareness Campaign on Human Trafficking and Domestic Violence in Siliguri

Vairabi Samajik Mahila Sangh,  Siliguri today organised an awareness campaign along with donation of clothes collected by the NGO  for the residents of Madhevita, Gayaganga. The topic of the awareness campaign was Human Trafficking and Domestic Violence. This programme was held at a local school ground at Madhevita with the help of the local panchayat head Mrs. Vijayata Ekka. The program started off when Mrs Rama Brahmin, President, Vairabi Samajik Mahila Sangh explained how women especially girls are lured for jobs, marriage and are taken to far off places, so we have to be careful and alert not to fall into such traps. Gauri Subba, member, Vairabi Samajik Mahila Sangh elaborated on the different types of Domestic Violence. She requested everyone not to tolerate any kind of Domestic Violence. Uden Bomzon, member, Vairabi Samajik Mahila Sangh and a law student of IILS, dagapur highlighted the legal aspects of Domestic Violence. She informed the residents about the Prevention of Women’s Domestic Act 2005 and the steps to approach a Protection Officer who will provide food, shelter and medical aid to the victim of Domestic Violence.  At the end of the session Mrs. Durga Dewan, member, Vairabi Samajik Mahila Sangh emphasised on the need for voicing out such problems and Vairabi Samajik Mahila Sangh is always open for all to approach with their problems.
The Panchayat Head at the end thanked all the members of the NGO for organising such an awareness campaign and found the session very informative and helpful.
The program came to an end with the distribution of clothes to the residents of Madhevita by the members of the NGO. The other members of the  Vairabi Samajik Mahila Sangh  present were Pushpalata Thakuri, Sakuntala Singh, Anjana Singh, Kiran Singh and Deepika Thapa.


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