580 grams baby girl born on 27th week survives after 30 days fight with life in Siliguri

The baby was born on 17/12/2016 in  New Ramkrishna Seva Sadan (G.B Das's hospital) at Ashrampara Siliguri and weighted only 580 grams.As per the reports the baby was 27 weeks old at the time of birth and she was a premature baby she had many complications. As per doctor she was unable unable to breathe, lungs were not matured, heart beats were very low, the digestive systems were not fully developed and many such problems.
The baby had its treatment under the care of Dr.Gopal Khemka.The baby was under ventilation for 4 days and after that it was kept under oxygen support for many days, she was then feeded with milk through pipe aftr 6-7 days.

The baby was required with blood and 1 unit of blood was tranfused to it on 12th of January and on completion of 30 days she had to go through a test to check any problems with its heart for which the reports were normal

And now the baby is normal with its weight approx to 1 kg and as per doctor she will get discharged on 23rd jan (at the age of 38 days)

The name of the parents are satish singh and yogeshwari singh and are from Uttar Bazar, D.N.T road, Naxalbari, Siliguri.

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