Your Day Today - Dec 18, 2016



Dec 18, 2016


Fondness and appreciation for the past and for your roots in life take importance; genealogy research is in order. There are genealogy sites on the Internet. Opinions are a keynote of the new phase you have begun--the power of ideas and the power they wield over people. Religious, cultural or philosophical controversies and crusades have a way of stirring your blood; careful to whom you express your ideas while in the workplace.

Dec 18, 2016


There may be great mental activity and heightened communication with others. Intellectualism, the exchange of ideas and the idea of being smart as a fox are the things that have special appeal and importance just now. This afternoon presents a wonderful time to enjoy a little time out-of-doors.

Dec 18, 2016


You will do well in activities that include young people and your neighbourhood. Friends or family gather later this evening for a fun dinner together--there is a lot of chatter around the table. You tear through appearances in an effort to get beneath, behind and at the heart or essence of a situation.

Dec 18, 2016


A give and take policy is essential in family for better prospects. Improvements will be seen in health standards. Children will pose a hostile behaviour. It will be a good day for relationship. Family will see good fortunes.

Dec 18, 2016


Positive results can happen, particularly if you are looking for a loan today. You work hard to make your dreams and ideals a reality. Work, learning new things and helping others are adventures each day and you do them well. You absorb and take in new impressions and information.

Dec 18, 2016


You could be most persuasive with others and this lends itself to your particular ideas. Intense personal change and inner growth are lifelong habits. You enjoy working at community or group work--you spare no effort here. Humanitarian goals are central to your life's work. You may find the occult, psychology, initiation and mysticism of interest this afternoon.

Dec 18, 2016


Others find you especially witty just now. You may have insights regarding your work at this time. Others value you for your independence and unique qualities. You may be able to bring a group together with words or ideas that transport others.

Dec 18, 2016


You have a way of gaining the attention you need in order to make wise presentations that will help advance your company. Poetry and art are possible this afternoon. Movies, books and all forms of escape are tempting for this evening. You may decide to join some friends and be away from home tonight.

Dec 18, 2016


There is an opportunity to join friends at a nearby restaurant. Fishing or camping trip may be in the works soon and ideas from others or an invitation for others to join you adds to the fun of the planning. Now is the time to plan a future getaway from the usual--also a good time to start a diet.

Dec 18, 2016


Change and inner growth tend to come through your relationships with co-worker friends, life-long friends and loved ones. Marriage and other close relationships may be very intense. You get to the heart of a relationship each and every time a question arises. Religion, philosophy and truth are essential.

Dec 18, 2016


You are painstaking and deliberate when it comes to sorting through ideas and values for what is lasting. Good fortune, affluence, love of life, idealism and friendliness help you to stand out in your relationships. You will find your household full of people that use you as a mentor. Do not be discouraged, they will strike out on their own soon; you are the teacher.

Dec 18, 2016


You have a firm hold on your temper and emotions most of the time and as you deal with confusing situations, ask for the facts; you will know what is needed and how to proceed. When a young person needs your advice this afternoon, you will be able come up with some workable solutions; you are becoming a good mentor. You seem to have a natural sense of how to help others. Real insight into your own inner workings or psychology could surface at this time.


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