Your Day Today - Dec 17, 2016



Dec 17, 2016


Watch out for any inclination to have an outburst at work or in public. Make sure you can afford what you are buying and you are not destabilizing your budget. Today you might find that you are prone to having a short temper, so keep it in check. Yours Lucky Colour is Blue Yours Lucky No. is 9

Dec 17, 2016


Sharp thinking will help you take quick and correct financial decisions today. There is a chance of minor injury as a result of an outburst if you are not mindful of your mood. Maintain emotional calm today and problems will be averted. Yours Lucky Colour is Lemon Yours Lucky No. is 2

Dec 17, 2016


This will be a good day for professionals engaged in the share market. You will have to formulate a new strategy if you want to take your business to new heights. Only good planning and foresight would help you sort out any financial problems. Yours Lucky Colour is Grey Yours Lucky No. is 1

Dec 17, 2016


You will benefit highly if you consult a financial advisor today. Circumstances beyond your control may force you into an unnecessary argument with a friend or even a colleague. Try to resolve the issue by discussion rather than letting it build. Yours Lucky Colour is Maroon Yours Lucky No. is 3

Dec 17, 2016


The time is perfect for you to take on any challenging project on the work front or on a personal front. Unexpected financial gains are indicated today, so you may find that today there is a little extra cushion in your budget. Those of you who are in a long-distance relationship may get some good news about the unexpected arrival of your partner today. Yours Lucky Colour is Green Yours Lucky No. is 7

Dec 17, 2016


You will face no opposition or competition during today. All your rivals are keeping low now and you will face no opposition. Perhaps some stocks you hold have really taken off, or a monetary gift has been given to you when you were not expecting it. You plan a wonderful surprise for your partner today, which will go off incredibly well. Yours Lucky Colour is Saffron Yours Lucky No. is 2

Dec 17, 2016


You will be able to take a leading role and succeed in all your endeavours. Use your money wisely and make investments rather than spend it all. You will not know where the day has gone, as it will be a time of total togetherness. Yours Lucky Colour is Silver Yours Lucky No. is 6

Dec 17, 2016


Use your creativity to fulfil your professional dreams today. Your partner and you connect perfectly today; this is the happiest you`ve been in a long time. Today is a day for you to remain on course when it comes to your exercise and fitness regimen. Yours Lucky Colour is Pink Yours Lucky No. is 8

Dec 17, 2016


Any new business project needs careful planning before its launch. If you have been planning to make a proposal to your partner recently, today is an excellent day to go ahead. At least make sure you eat right today or your entire fitness regimen will fall by the wayside. Yours Lucky Colour is Indigo Yours Lucky No. is 2

Dec 17, 2016


Chances are good today that your proposal will be accepted. Take that chance today, and you will find out that you are glad you did! You have been relatively good and on track lately and this is just another day to keep up the good work. However, this is a good time to map out the expansion of your business. Yours Lucky Colour is Red Yours Lucky No. is 9

Dec 17, 2016


If you can put together a clear plan for how to expand your operations it will surely lead to major career gains in the future. You could stand to improve your eating habits as you have been indulging in too many sweets and snack food as of late. Though your income is steady these days, your expenses may shot up today, leaving your earnings wiped out by your expenditures. Yours Lucky Colour is Emerald Yours Lucky No. is 1

Dec 17, 2016


Any efforts you put into today will set you on the right track. You might be inundated with demands from your family to provide them with some necessary but expensive things. You may not feel very well today. Take it easy. Yours Lucky Colour is White Yours Lucky No. is 5


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