Your Day Today - Dec 13, 2016



Dec 13, 2016


Today you will enjoy your new found respect and popularity. You may be given an opportunity to better some of your skill sets as educational opportunities are very likely today. Do not miss out on any chances you come across today to gain some new knowledge. Your Lucky Colour is Magenta Your Lucky No. is 8

Dec 13, 2016


You may remain tense and agitated all day. Whatever the cause of this stress may be, try to just observe your emotions and not react to them very much. Problems will come and go take them as lessons meant for self-improvement. Your Lucky Colour is Peach Your Lucky No. is 6

Dec 13, 2016


Today improve your skills because whatever new abilities you acquire today are surely open a door for you in the future. Your desire for pleasure, ease, and affection is brought to the fore, and may interfere with work. Social gatherings and personal relationships are favored. Your Lucky Colour is Rosy Brown Your Lucky No. is 9

Dec 13, 2016


Your energy level and self-confidence will be high today. You are full of enterprise and may chaff at the bit if you can not do enough. At this time you tend to overextend yourself or to believe you can do more than you actually can. Your Lucky Colour is Green Your Lucky No. is 5

Dec 13, 2016


This is a time to get others' opinions and feedback about yourself and what you are doing. Relationships of all types are activated and adjustments to others' viewpoints are key issues that require your attention. You may come into contact with a person who is especially creative or influential in your life. Your Lucky Colour is Grey Your Lucky No. is 4

Dec 13, 2016


You are impulsively affectionate and flirtatious and you feel quite restless. You may be highly attracted to someone new, simply because of the novelty and possibilities for adventure. Also, your friends or love partner may behave in unexpected ways. Your Lucky Colour is Yellow Your Lucky No. is 2

Dec 13, 2016


Today your efforts to get ahead and advance your own interests are likely to be met with resistance or animosity. You seem focused on your own objectives, so that you alienate the people who could help you. Try to do as much as you can on your own, without trying to force others to agree with you or join you. Your Lucky Colour is Chocolate Your Lucky No. is 7

Dec 13, 2016


Deep emotions stirred up within you and you become more intense and demanding. Fears, insecurities, jealousies, and hidden resentments may surface today. You may develop a powerful attraction to someone who fascinates and mystifies you. Your Lucky Colour is Orange Your Lucky No. is 1

Dec 13, 2016


You make some creative changes and discoveries and experiment with new possibilities today. This is a dynamic and exciting period. Take advantage of any unusual offers or opportunities. This is a good day to reveal your deepest feelings and needs with the ones you love. Your Lucky Colour is Navy Blue Your Lucky No. is 7

Dec 13, 2016


You may also impatient and inclined to rush unnecessarily, which may cause accidents. You are in a fighting mood and stand up for your rights more readily than usual, but beware of the tendency to be abrasive and insensitive. This is a time to approach someone who is in a position to benefit you spiritually, intellectually, or materially. Your Lucky Colour is Silver Your Lucky No. is 1

Dec 13, 2016


This is a good time for relaxing recreation and do the things you most enjoy doing. Good humor and optimism prevail and you are able to get a larger perspective on your life. Cooperation is the key, especially on the social front. Your Lucky Colour is White Your Lucky No. is 8

Dec 13, 2016


Your worst fears are likely to be realized on the professional front. A family youngster’s performance on the academic front may disappoint you. Don’t be hasty in investing in whatever scheme is on offer, as you can end up losing money. Your Lucky Colour is Electric Blue Your Lucky No. is 4


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