Your Day Today - Dec 10, 2016



Dec 10, 2016


You will display a different side to your character to all your near and dear ones. This will be continued in your professional front also. You will successfully adopt and give a serious thought to ideas other than yours. Your Lucky Colour is Green Your Lucky No. is 7

Dec 10, 2016


You will be intuitive and imaginative in a positive fashion today. Your dreamy self will take a backseat and you will be able to come to a decision that will be ultimately beneficial for you. This vision may be quite different from your action adopted in the recent past. Your Lucky Colour is Golden Your Lucky No. is 9

Dec 10, 2016


Finances will reveal through actions of the people who are authoritative today. You may close some pending matter relating to your future or may be insurance. Love and romance will also make you happy. Your Lucky Colour is Lavender Your Lucky No. is 8

Dec 10, 2016


You may enjoy a beautiful day with your special person surely today. You will be full of vigor and vitality. Your professional front will enjoy your full attention and you will finish all the pending responsibilities in record time. Your Lucky Colour is Lemon Your Lucky No. is 4

Dec 10, 2016


There may be plans for long distance traveling, foreign affairs and legal matters. You have to push your way through with utmost confidence and zeal. Keep your focus on your goal and be optimistic. Your Lucky Colour is Crimson Your Lucky No. is 6

Dec 10, 2016


A lot of debts may get settled today. It’ll be a fruitful day where as the generation of cash is concerned. There’s a lively feel to this day, even if it involves doing something in the spur of a moment. You may also spend quality time with your spouse or mate today. Your Lucky Colour is Cream Your Lucky No. is 5

Dec 10, 2016


Today is a day of high activities with new contacts and new faces. Be prepared to give a warm welcome, as a whole lot of new faces will crowd your life in the next couple of days. Try and go easy on everybody. You may exhibit a tendency of not accepting them for what they are and your skepticism may be quite apparent to them. Your Lucky Colour is Violet Your Lucky No. is 3

Dec 10, 2016


It will be a lively day today, both at home and at work. Those who are single may have a dash of excitement today. Going out in the evening may result in a one-night stand, be careful. Your Lucky Colour is Blue Your Lucky No. is 2

Dec 10, 2016


You may feel secretive today. Planetary configurations make you reserved, withdrawn and aloof today. This is certainly not a time for pushing forward, but one for making plans. Love and romance will bring a smile to your lips. Your Lucky Colour is Brown Your Lucky No. is 1

Dec 10, 2016


Anything that happens out of the blue today will definitely be worth consideration. However, do not rush into making any kind of decisions fast. The evening looks set for romance. Enjoy yourself. Your Lucky Colour is Black Your Lucky No. is 7

Dec 10, 2016


You may suffer from mood swings and feel some amount of imbalance within you. Good time is not far from you, so watch and see. You should enjoy and experience life to the fullest today. Your Lucky Colour is Maroon Your Lucky No. is 9

Dec 10, 2016


This is a good time to work with money related people such as financiers and bankers. Some news from far away land may gladden your heart today. It’s not a time to get worried but be attentive to life's happenings. Your Lucky Colour is Magenta Your Lucky No. is 8


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