Your Day Today - 6th December 2016

Dec 06, 2016


You pride yourself on your willpower, but today bring someone who can bypass that to get straight through to your impulsive side. You may try to resist, but you’re better off just getting out of there. You can roll with the punches and laugh at all the right times. Yours Lucky Colour is Violet Yours Lucky No. is 6

Dec 06, 2016


Watch out for the people making their way through your life today. Your great mental and emotional energies help you read them all right the first time. Try a little discipline today not in the sense of punishment, but just keeping yourself on task. Yours Lucky Colour is Indigo Yours Lucky No. is 4

Dec 06, 2016


Your own people make your life even easier than usual. Networking is a huge deal for you on a day like today. Think through what you’re trying to say before you say it today. Yours Lucky Colour is Yellow Yours Lucky No. is 9

Dec 06, 2016


You will turn in healthy returns through your diplomatic abilities and hard work, which will impress your superiors. Make sure you take time today to have a one-on-one conversation with your beloved and air any grievances that have built up silently and stealthily. Today, students who have been putting lots of effort into their studies may be feeling the desire to get out and have some fun. Yours Lucky Colour is Light Red Yours Lucky No. is 9

Dec 06, 2016


Today do your best at work as eyes will be upon you. The efforts you pour into your studies today will bring you success in your exams and in your wider academic pursuits. Today try to focus on building trust and communication into your romantic relationship with your partner. Yours Lucky Colour is Peach Yours Lucky No. is 3

Dec 06, 2016


Your partnership will suffer if trust is missing and you are currently heading down that road. There are people in your organization who are keeping track of your work performance and who are evaluating you. Just do your best in your job and you will be just fine. Minor ailments may do you today, so take preventive measures beforehand. Yours Lucky Colour is Dark Grey Yours Lucky No. is 5

Dec 06, 2016


Work-related stress may affect some of you; take the help of co workers today. You would do well not to bring work related problems home to prevent vitiating the domestic atmosphere. Keep in mind that our never-ending desires, negative emotions, and high expectations are the main culprits that affect our health adversely. Yours Lucky Colour is White Yours Lucky No. is 4

Dec 06, 2016


Your career will look up today, filling you with a sense of pride and enthusiasm. Your desire to embark on a journey is likely to materialise today. Lay off those naughty snack foods and high cholesterol foods. Reach for a piece of fresh fruit as this is a day to focus on good health. Yours Lucky Colour is Lemon Yours Lucky No. is 6

Dec 06, 2016


You are in a very good place right now where your career is concerned. Use this period to your advantage and you will see your career grow. Your focus will turns towards healthy lifestyles and habits, so take this time to develop positive eating habits and get some fresh air and exercise. If you are planning to take your partner on a date then it would be better to go to a place where you can talk. Yours Lucky Colour is Light Pink Yours Lucky No. is 1

Dec 06, 2016


The positive development will make you feel like taking the bull by the horns when it comes to your work all obstacles will seem to vanish in front of you. A sudden trip undertaken for business purposes would yield positive results today. Go for a drive which will enable you to enjoy the company of your partner. Yours Lucky Colour is Lavender Yours Lucky No. is 7

Dec 06, 2016


Try and keep stress to a minimum. You will be relieved of mental stress today as you achieve some professional and financial targets. Seeking help from experienced people would be beneficial. The purpose to have fun and understand each other well will materialise today. Yours Lucky Colour is Brown Yours Lucky No. is 1

Dec 06, 2016


You need to follow your gut feeling and use innovative ideas in new projects. Keep working steadily to achieve your goals. There are indications that this is likely to bring financial rewards and recognition your way. Yours Lucky Colour is Magenta Yours Lucky No. is 8


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