More Nursing Homes In Kolkata Under Scanner by CID after newborn child racket bust

The investigation into the baby trafficking case has now entered a crucial stage with the CID saying that it has identified at least three couples all from the city who had contacted the gang seeking to adopt children after paying a price and also  more nursing homes in Kolkata and suburb are involved in this case. CID also guessed that hotels in Mandarmoni are also involved in this case.

All of them were told to contact Sree Krishna Nursing Home at College Street. CID officials said they have already spoken to two of the couples. CID sources also confirmed a third NGO -based in Kolkata and related to the arrested Dr Dilip Ghosh -played a key role in gaining their confidence and finally brokering the deals, all of which were stuck in the past two years.

Sources said one of the elderly couples told the CID all their efforts to adopt a child had failed. They were either told to wait for years to get a legally adopted baby or pay a “small amount” to jump the queue. Even efforts to arrange for a surrogate mother had failed. It was only then that the couple decided to approach the College Street nursing home. “Our investigations show most of the Kolkata couples shelled out Rs 3.5 lakh-Rs 4 lakh for each child,” said an officer.

The decision on whether the couples can be criminally charged, though, will only be taken at a later date after the investigating officers feel there is something amiss in their statements. Among other things, the CID said it was during this questioning that they came across the existence of three caregivers (ayahs) who helped look after the 10 rescued babies at Purbasha. Sources maintained their questioning can help investigators to some of the biological parents. “At present, it is a two-way process to try and give the babies a proper home,” said an officer.

While a CID team is busy tracing the parents of the trafficked team, the Special Ope ration Group has launched two other parallel probes into the role of Dr Tapan Kumar Biswas -who besides being involved in the baby trafficking racket is said to be linked with the kidney and surrogate-mother rackets in the city.

Sources maintained they have found the prima facie claim of Gaighata resident Kalpana Sarkar that her kidney was removed by Biswas to be true. “The woman was admitted at a hospital in Baduria (not Sohan nursing home from where the trafficking racket was busted) when the doctor removed one of her kidneys in the name of an appendix operation. We have looked into the incident and collected the necessary papers in this respect,” said an officer.

CID sources said one way of probing the fresh charges was to try and identifying the source of the huge profits made by the doctor in the past one decade. Biswas -who insisted on keeping 70% of the profits of selling a baby -along with Bimal Adhikary (the administrator from Joka Millennium Old Age Home) -had bought five major properties in the districts in the last 10 years. Biswas’s son reportedly an MBBS is also under the scanner.


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