Dr. Sankar Ghosh MIC Education SMC donates his TA 1.2 lakhs to Mayor relief fund

Dr. Sankar Ghosh, MIC, Education, Siliguri Municipal Corporation, is a person with a difference. Usually MIC's uses the vehicles provided by the Corporation or some of them uses their personal vehicle but take the expenses of fuel from the corporation whereas Sankar Ghosh does not avail any of the facilities. He uses his own  motor-bike from the time he has been the MIC of Siliguri Municipal Corporation. Recently, he has contributed the total amount of money i.e, ₹ 1,20,000 alloted to him for his vehicle facility for the period spanning from last August to  coming March to the relief fund of the Hon'ble Mayor. The commissioner of the Corporation has been informed about it. This initiative of Mr. Ghosh has been praised not only by both leftist and rightist councillors but also the general people of Siliguri. He has also assured to contribute the amount of money that will be alloted to him for his vehicle facility in the months to come.

We appreciate this kind gesture of Dr.  Sankar Ghosh.


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