The Darjeeling Mall Road Turing into Den for Addicts and Drug Peddlers

We have received a few complaints from our readers regarding drugs being peddled in the back side of Mall road, one of our concerned readers yesterday wrote in....

"Taking your child for a walk around mall is not a great idea now a days.

The children playing area at the back of the mall has now become a place where youngsters chill at the cost of public health. People don't mind if they just chill, but they are now doing drugs, smoking weed and smoking cigarettes. They are so open to smoke weed and prepare the roll that taking your child to play is a big health risk, as well as you risk them getting exposed to drugs.

It has now been quite some time that the backside of mall (where the exercising bars are) is filled up with addicts and drugs peddlers. They are indulging in open business there.

So if you please put up this in your page, hopefully Police and local authorities will intervene to put an end to this menace."

Wake Up Darjeeling – Before it’s too late…

The DC


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