SHAME ON HUMANITY: Horse Left to Die in Mirik - Darjeeling Animal Shelter Declines to Help

Sharing this news breaks our heart... some jerk of an owner has left his/her horse to die in Mirik and the horse is suffering...

It is unable to move, and its owner has not even bothered to feed it or provide it with water.

Last night Mr. Arbin Angla Subba heard the horse wince and went to check, what he saw broke his heart... the Horse was in tremendous pain... Since last night he has been taking care of the horse, and today he went with a few friends to feed the horse and provide it with water.

He requested Darjeeling Animal Shelter for help, but they said they cannot go, unless the Municipality asks them... what kind of animal shelter are they running, if they are unwilling to provide help without official request form Municipal authorities?

We request any Veterinary doctors or Animal Rights activists - if you can help the horse, please contact: 99321 49128

Please SHARE... someone in your timeline may be able to help.


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