Purses With Rs 2000 & Rs 500 Pictures Available In Market Goes Viral

Since the demonetisation decision was announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on November 8, people all over India have been struggling to get some legal tender in hand that they can use. People have been queuing up outside banks and ATMs to get hold of the newly printed Rs 2000 and Rs 500 notes. With the limits of withdrawing or exchanging, it is evident that the new notes have been printed in limited quantities but it’s shocking how fast accessories with images of these printed notes have flocked the market.

Just as we were trying to digest that few have listed new Rs 2000 notes on eBay and asking for hefty price over Rs. 1 Lakh, we have come across wallets and mobile cases flaunting the new notes. While most of the country is yet to see the new Rs 500 notes, the picture of it has been adorned on these purses.

Pictures of the purses have largely circulating on WhatsApp and on other social media platforms. Many users have said that these are “made in China”. The authenticity of the circulating images or where exactly it is being sold is not clear but it has definitely shocked Netizens. One user sharing the picture on Twitter wrote, “ATMs are struggling to give out enough notes, but China has already made purses with 2000 note!!” Another user remarked, “China – trolling India since 1947.”

On eBay mobile cases of iPhone 6 with Rs 2000 note impression is being sold at Rs 250. The mobile phone cases come with eBay guarantee and will be delivered on card payment and online transaction.

Whether people will be buying these products or not will be only known in time but as of now it’s really amazing how swiftly things get manufactured using new popular imageries.


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