Miracle - Two Kids Age 6 and 7 Pulled Out Alive From Mangled Bogie of Indore-Patna Express

Two children were pulled out alive from an overturned bogie of the Indore-Patna Express here, offering a glimmer of hope to rescuers looking for survivors among the heaps of metal and scattered baggage.

The two boys aged six and seven were pulled out from the S3 bogie of the train, police officials said.

A woman, probably the mother of the boys, was found dead near them, they said.

Two girls are also trapped in another smashed coach, AK Singh, NDRF Commandant said.

“There is another coach which is smashed and two girls are still trapped inside it. We can’t use cranes to pull them out. But I want to assure you that they will be rescued.

After that, we will execute a search operation to find the bodies before closing the operation,” he said.

Singh said crowd management was posing as a big problem.

A huge crowd has gathered at the spot and is posing as an obstruction, he said.


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