Kurseong boy Abhishek Gurung in Top 10 in the Colours talent show - The Stage 2

In conversation with The Stage 2 star, Abhishek Gurung from Kurseong, Darjeeling

GANGTOK: The bands like Gingerfeet and Still Waters are not a band on infancy or unknown to the people of hills, northeast, and to the country as a whole, the bands are always in the list of most celebrated Rock Bands of India. Despite, the popularity of the bands, and mostly celebrated and followed by genuine fans yet the front man of these two bands, Abhishek Gurung thought to be humble enough and get auditioned for the english singing talent hunt show ‘The Stage’ season 2 on Colors Infinity. Currently, he is one of the top ten contestants of the singing reality show ‘The Stage 2’.

Abhishek Gurung is a 28 years old lad from Kurseong, Darjeeling. He was born to parents Brigen Gurung and  Beenamit Lepcha Gurung. Abhishek had his basic schooling done from Goethals Memorial School, Kurseong and then higher secondary from St.Joseph’s School, North Point, Darjeeling. Later, he joined a college at Kolkata but circumstances failed him to complete his graduation. Formerly, he was involved in a band name Cynical Recess but after a quite a good run, it didn’t work for him. For few years he maintained his dormancy in music but later came back by forming a band ‘Gingerfeet’ with his close inmates and simultaneously joined the ‘Still Waters’ too.

Yougan Tamang from TNT-The Northeast Today had a conversation with ‘The Stage 2’ star Abhishek Gurung. Here, he talks about his journey so far, in the Stage 2 and beyond, his  achievements and future aspirations. Here are excerpts from his interview with our reporter:

TNT You are one of the top 10 contestants of the Singing Reality Show of Colors Infinity ‘The Stage 2,’ How do you feel? How did it actually happen? Please tell us about your journey into this reality show.

AG  Oh! It feels great! I’m literally “On Top of the World” at the moment (Chuckles).
Well it happened all of a sudden actually. I wasn’t really planning on taking part this year because I was very sceptical about whether my singing style will be accepted or not but I was showered with immense support from the judges, our vocal coach, Jennifer D’souza and my fellow contestants. I was taken aback by the feedback that I was getting and it felt really good when my singing was received so well by everyone. I feel so blessed that I can’t even express.

TNT Before The Stage Season 2, you were/are a front man of the two popular bands of India, Still Waters and Gingerfeet. Kindly enlighten us about the band and your involvement with it?

AG I am still the frontman for Still Waters and Gingerfeet haha! I love both my bands. When I’m with them on stage, I totally forget about the world outside and I guess it’s a good thing, right!? (laughs)On a serious note, my bands are my guiding light.

TNT Are you a born singer or like you developed singing gradually or both? How did you get into music? Kindly tell us about it.

AG Music has always been there in our family.My aunt is a gospel singer who goes by the name Menora Lepcha. She is one of my greatest inspiration. As a kid I was never really fascinated with singing ‘coz I wanted to be a guitarist. I was in the 10th standard when I actually discovered that I could sing and then when I was in high school, my skills were honed by two mentors, Mrs.Viveca Gurung and Ms.Anna Santiago. I owe my singing entirely to them.

TNT What kind of songs you usually sing or listen to? Do you have a particular genre or you like exploring music?

AG  I love exploring new music ‘coz there are so many things that you could learn from them but my preference would be Rock music always.

TNT How and Where do you draw your inspiration in life and music from?

AG I try to draw inspirations from real life events ,especially those that are very personal. It’s always easier to portray what’s in your heart rather than someone else’s story. In life, my inspiration is my Dad. He is my role model. Basically my parents are very supportive and they are the reason I’m still doing music.

TNT Apart from being a singer, and a front man of two popular bands, what do you do? Any pursuits or job?

AG  I’m a full-time musician and I am to be this way for the rest of my life.

TNT Since you are also a front man of two popular bands, so whats your say on the commercialisation of bands?

AG Commercialisation actually subdues originality but in order to gain recognition or maybe even survive, you need to eventually give into this system. Once you gain enough popularity and a good following then you can implement your real music in what you’ve been doing.So, I wouldn’t say it’s bad but i wont say it’s good either.

TNT Do you even compose songs? And I am sure you or your bands have released many singles so far, please tell us about it?

AG As musicians that’s what we do. Whenever we get some time, we make music and we love soing it. Both my bands have released a lot of singles over the years but the latest one would be; ZENN by STILL WATERS and MAKE YOUR STAND by GINGERFEET. Plz do check it out. You can avail it from youtube and soundcloud.

TNT Where have you performed so far? Places and Events?

AG Being in a rock band is very exhausting and challenging but it has its perks. I’ve had my share too but the thirst for performing live gets even more with every passing day. We’ve played a lot of shows but if i had to pick a few then that’d be;
Fireball(Guwahati), Tea and Tourism Festival(Darjeeling), South Asian Games 2016( Guwahati)
Hornbill Rock Contest(Nagaland), Nh7 Weekender(Kolkata), Shine A Light festival(Cherrapunji) and MtvExtreme(Mumbai) where we got the opportunity to open for SLASH

TNT Currently what’s going in your camp? And what do you aspire to be in future?

AG Make more music! (laughs). On a serious note, we(Still Waters & Gingerfeet) are working on new materials and they’ll be out soon.

TNT What’s your take on Sikkim, Darjeeling or entire Northeast current music scene?

AG  Well, the scene in the entire nation is booming for sure and North-East has alwys been the mecca for Rock music. Especially with the introduction of various music festivals that’s happening everywhere in the NorthEast, musicians are getting more opportunities to express themselves. However, such avenues are yet to come to out region but I’m very positive about the future. We recently did a festival in my hometown, The Pine Tree festival. We hope to make it an annual event and I pray for more festivals to happen in our region as well.

TNT Your message to the young budding  musicians/new bands in Sikkim, Darjeeling and Northeast?

AG Okay! All I want to say is that we have the talent but the only thing that we lack in is our self confidence. We doubt ourselves too much. So, please don’t shy away from expressing yourselves. Don’t hold yourself back and just let it all go. Surrender to the music in you.

TNT Anything more you want to add up?

AG Thank you TNT. I’m honoured and obliged to be featured. To all those reading this, please do keep watching THE STAGE season 2 on COLOURSINFINITY and please do check out my bands’ music too. God bless all. Peace, Love and Rock &Roll.

Thank You Abhishek for talking with us. We would be happy to see you growing more in music and making everyone more proud. We would also like to wish your all the best for ‘The Stage 2’ and life ahead. Keep Shining!

Watch this heartfelt performance by Abhishek Gurung

By Yougan Tamang


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