5 Things To Eat When You Have Just Rs 300 To Live on For 2 Days

How much money do you have to survive the next two days? You might have had 1000 rupees yesterday, but now, all you can use are the few hundred rupee notes you might have withdrawn by chance, or withdrawn yesterday, by 12am, by lining up outside an ATM.

So the maximum amount of money you have in hand has to be 300 or less, and whatever you have in your bank account. The main issue is, even if you decide to eat out today and tomorrow, you’ll be spending more than you probably intend to on food. So, one question raises that how much money do you have to eat meal in next two days?

Really, you have so many options, and all of them within Rs.300. Check this out.

Home-Cooked Meal

If you’re one of those who have stocks of rice and pulses then no worry for two days. You practically don’t need to spend any money buying food. Just make some khichdi, or dal-chawal. They’re easy and cheap, and they remind us of home. What’s more, you could actually buy some potatoes to make bhujiya to go with it. You’ll be able to have a proper balanced meal.

Roadside Delights

This is a needed time to invest in your roadside dhaba for your meals. Whether it’s big egg- rolls you can get for Rs.30, or the huge plates of chowmien, this is just the place where you can eat without worrying about losing out on too much money. You also need to get out and get some chowmien-momo combo meals for lunch and dinner.

Bread and Eggs

If you’re one of those who don’t mind having breakfast for dinner, these two days will barely faze your spirit. All you need to survive is a packet or two of bread, some eggs and have good food items like egg bread. Simple bread omelette, or eggs on toast are also in list which you may do easily and cheaply.

Instant Noodles

Do you remember those days of hostel life?  You preferred Maggi during your hostel days. Top Ramen or even Patanjali are best idea for that. Buy some veggies, and you’ll have a nice and heavy meal of instant noodles. And this is even better for those who really, really don’t want to think about what to eat when they have to figure out other major issues in life.

Dalia Meal

Dalia is the Hindi word for broken cereals. This is dish in particular is made with broken wheat. Dalia is low in cholesterol and fat, and is a good source of carbs, iron and fiber. This dish has a porridge-like texture. Heat one tablespoon of oil or ghee in a pressure cooker. So. It is also a good idea to eat daila in upcoming two days. It is healthy.


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