3 Men Allegedly Planning To Kill PM Modi Have Been Arrested. Here Are The Details

National Investigation Agency (NIA) has done a commendable job by nabbing the three Al-Qaeda operatives. 

The operatives were nabbed following the raids across Madurai in Tamil Nadu. The police have informed that the trio was allegedly planning to assassinate 22 leaders of the nation, including Narendra Modi.

The reason behind this mission is still unknown. Hopefully, the police will decipher their brutal mission and expound the reason behind this unexecuted plan.

The three men have been identified as M Khareem, Asif Sultan Mohammed, and Abbas Ali. Moreover, deadly explosives have been seized from them.

Khareem was arrested from Usman Nagar, Asif Sultan from G.R Nagar and Abbas Ali from Ismailpuram.

The trio is suspected in running the Al-Qaeda unit from South Tamil Nadu and is responsible for explosions that took place in various courts in the country over a period of time.

The police have informed that two more operatives, Hakeem and Dawood Sulaiman, are absconding.

Sadly, their agenda is not known and it leaves a trail of questions behind.

1. Why was Narendra Modi on their hit list?

2. Who are the rest of the 22 leaders that the trio was planning to assassinate?

3. What was the purpose behind their alleged assassination plan?

Till now, we can only contemplate.

NIA has done a fantastic job in nabbing the assassins and we hope they nab the other two operatives too.

H/T: India Today

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