Youths from Kurseong bring happiness and joy to the residents of old age home at Rohini

Team ILS and TheDC send our warmest "Shout Out" to the group of youngsters from Kurseong and nearby areas, who celebrated Tihar bringing colours to the life of old folks.

This Tihar a group of youngsters not only spent their time visiting the people at Old Age Home at Rohini, Kurseong, but they also white washed the entire building with colours for two consecutive days of "Kag Tihar"  and "Kukkur Tihar".

These anonymous group of youngsters have more plans for the Old Age Home in the Future.  

We are hopeful that their selfless devotion will inspire thousands of our youngsters to think beyond their own personal needs, and think about contributing towards the well-being of our entire community.

Take a bow guys and girls!! All of you have earned it!!


Unknown said…
Wonderful ...
Very inspiring to see young generations helping towards the society... looks like the world still have hope.

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