Thanks to Darjeeling MP SS Ahluwalia Intervention - FIR Lodged in Manipuri Boy Murder Case

The death of a Nawaraj Thapa from Manipur in Barailley UP would have gotten recorded as "suicide" if UP Police had their way.

When Manoj Thapa the older brother of Nawaraj reached Bareily, there was no one to help him. The police just wanted to complete the formalities and write off Nawaraj's death as suicide.

That is when Mr. Rajen Chhetry of Gorkha Youth and Students' Association of India - GYASA decided to intervene and started to make a few calls. Nawaraj as you may recall had been killed and his body found on railway tracks while on his way to Delhi after celebrating Dashain at home in Kangpokpi, Manipur. He had called his mother and told her that some people are threatening to kill him. Later someone had called from his number and told his mother that they were going to kill him.

Despite this, the young man was found dead and the police decided without any investigation that it was a case of suicide.

When Rajen talked to one officer, he was directed to another, then he would be directed to yet another officer. In frustration, Rajen contacted Gorkha groups across India for help. We also got to know that UP police were trying to wash their hands off of the case.

Since NO ONE was coming forward to help Nawaraj's family, we contacted Darjeeling MP SS Ahluwalia and requested him to intervene. He immediately swung into action, and got the Bareilly MP and MoS Revenue Shri Santosh Kumar Gangwar involved. He also talked to Manoj and other family members of Late Nawaraj Thapa, and told them to call him if any issues arise.

Within minutes of the call from our MP SS Ahluwalia the office of Shri. Santosh Kumar Gangwar and UP police swung into action. Manoj was provided with full attention by the UP police.

Around 6 PM, Mr. PK Gupta Officer on Special Duty to MoS Santosh Gangwar informed our MP Surendrajeet Singh Ahluwalia, "Postmortem is done, Body received by brother of deceased and at present last rites are being performed in City Shamshaan Bhumi in Bareilly. The Senior Inspector Mr. Rajendra Sirohi  of GRP (M 8755296196) Bareilly has been advised to take a complaint from the brother for proper investigation after completing the last rites. He will check all the CCTV footage of Platform and CDR of the deceased."

Later around 11 PM, Shri RK Singh who is also associated with the office of Bareilly MP Santhosh Gangwar informed our MP "we have lodged FIR with GRP, Bareilly. We will pursue the case. Financially also Mr Thapa has been helped. He will be leaving for Delhi tonight after dinner. He has our numbers. GRP has already called for CDR which is expected by tomorrow. The IO will be in touch with me. Sir, we  will take care of the case."

We thank all the kind people who helped the family of Late. Nawaraj Thapa, in particular Shri. Santhosh Kumar Gangwar, MP Bareilly and MoS Revenue for his direct intervention. We thank Mr. PK Gupta and Mr. RK Singh for helping with the legal formalities.

However, we cannot thank Mr. Rajen Chhetry, GYASA team and Darjeeling MP, MoS Agriculture and MoS Parliamentary Affairs SS Ahluwalia ji enough for their care, concern and kindness.

Darjeeling MP SS Ahluwalia has always prioritized helping the locals across India, irrespective of their state of origin, and we are so very THANKFUL to him for the fact that despite his busy scheduled, he took time to help a grieving family in their time of need.

We hope our some of our idle politicians learn a thing or two about serving the public from him.

RIP Nawaraj, we hope your murderers won't escape justice.



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