Talking Of Domestic Violence, Indian Wives Have Been Ranked Third In Beating Husbands

Domestic violence is a term that is seldom used for ‘husbands’ in our society. While this issue is rampant in both the rural and urban sectors of the country, we often forget that violence does not have a gender.

A recent study conducted by the UN has revealed some shocking results regarding the statistics about domestic violence against husbands. Egypt has been ranked at number one when it comes to abusing and beating husbands. UK is at number two and India is at the third spot.

The sad reality is the ignorance that we , as a society endure and neglect that men, too, suffer in silence. There is a strong and an immediate need for a paradigm shift in our country since the society is naturally more sympathetic and forgiving towards the women. While it cannot be denied that women do suffer at the hands of a bad marriage, one can also not forego of the stark reality that men are also at the receiving end. People had strong reactions on Twiter after the results of the survey were published.

According to the data that was collected, wives are said to use rolling pins, belts shoes and kitchen tools to hit their husbands.

Some might find it funny to see India’s name on the list, others may not. Whatever said and done, the fact that our country is in the top three of a survey that we cannot be proud of, highlights the sad truth and points out to a deeper problem here. Besides an evident scenaio of dometic abuse, the men in our country are clearly going through emotional and mental abuse as well, and we as a society are failing them by not addressng it in the right way.


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