Rotary Darjeeling Marathon (RDM) a grand success - Total 740 runners participated

Writes Roshni Rai for ILS

Just in 2nd edition of the event, it’s a grand success. Out of 740 runners 110 runners participated in Half Marathon i.e. 21km & rest participated in 10km race.

All the prize money for the winners was sponsored by Medica Cancer Hospital, Rangapani. RDM was graced by the presence of five Oncologists along with CEO Mr. Rajkumar and two other staffs from Medica Cancer Hospital today. Thank you Medica Cancer Hospital for sponsoring Caps & Finishers Thirsts to Half Marathon Runners.

Further we got support from Mody University, Rajesthan as well for RDM. We are very grateful to Dr. SP Advani, Vice Chancellor of Mody University for gracing our RDM with his presence along with Mrs. Advani. Five students from Mody University also participated in 10km race today.

Provisional Results of Rotary Darjeeling Half Marathon are as below:

Open Category Men (18years to 40 years)
1st position Binod Tamang 1hr 21mins 38secs.
2nd position Pawan Thakur 1hr 21mins 50secs.
3rd position Uttam Bhujel 1hr 22mins 55secs
Open Category Women (18yrs to 40 yrs)
1st position Shyamoni Das 1hr 40mins 42sec
2nd position Dichen Sherpa 1hr 52mins 31sec
3rd position Teresa Moktan 1hr 56mins 30sec
Senior Category Men (41yrs to 50yrs)
1st position Kamal Thapa 1hr 40mins 49secs
2nd position Tenzing G. Sherpa 1hr 42mins 48sec
3rd position Karma Sherpa 1hr 42mins 56sec.
Senior Category Women (41yrs to 50yrs)
1st position Kausilya Pradhan- finish time to be confirmed by timing partner.

Veteran category men (50yrs and above)
1st position Dawa Lama 1hr 38mins 15sec
2nd position Birbahadur Tamang- 1hr 50mins 6sec
3rd position Primus Bhutia- 1hr 50mins 41sec

Provisional Results of 10 race:
Open category men (18yrs to 40yrs)
1st position Puran Rai 35mins 30sec
2nd position Hemant Limbu 36mins 8sec
3rd position Joseph Chettri- finish time to be confirmed by timing partner.

Open category women(18yrs to 40yrs)
1st position Priti Rai 46mins 7sec
2nd position Soniya Rai 46mins 55sec
3rd position Samjana Subba- 47mins 9sec

Senior category men (41yrs to 50yrs)
1st position Gopal Chettri- 49mins 48sec
2nd position Ishwar Paudyal 50mins 57sec
3rd position Basant Gurung 51mins 16 sec

Senior category women (41yrs to 50yrs)
1st position Shraddamani Pradhan finish time to be confirmed by timing partner.
2nd position Sonam Norbu finish time to be confirmed by timing partner.

Veteran category men (50yrs and above)
1st position Ashoke Gurung 59mins 8sec
2nd position Puran Pradhan 59mins 19sec
3rd position Munna Sherpa 1hr 5mins 53se

Veteran category women (50yrs and above)

1st position Sudha Rai Finish time to be confirmed by timing partner.

All the Volunteers of RDM did commendable job today. After the run, 740 runners were given refreshments in the open air theatre. All the litters were cleared by volunteers along with the support of some municipality staffs. I am very proud to claim that I was one of the organising committee members of Rotary Darjeeling Marathon.

Litters collected & cleaned by the volunteers of Rotary Club of Darjeeling after the Marathon.


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