Mother Wails After Her Bonus Money Stolen

The tea garden workers have a very difficult life to live, and Pujas/Dashain is the only time in the year when they get a little extra bonus which allows them to buy new clothes for their children. But that is not to be for Ms. Saroj Muni Oroan

A worker at Kathalbari tea estate in Jalpaiguri, Ms. Oroan took her children to buy new clothes at the local haat. Her children picked up the clothes they liked, and when she checked her purse to pay the shopkeeper, she was left in a state of shock.

Someone had cut her purse from below and had stolen all her bonus money - Rs 7000.

She look all over for her money, but it was not to be found.

Dejected, she cried her heart out in the market... while there were many providing her sympathy, there was no one who could help her out, or pay for her children's clothes, as almost everyone in Dooars is economically as poor as her.

Info and pic via: Amit Chhetri


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