Jaldapara National Park Gets Sniffer Dog - its trained to detect wildlife items

A sniffer dog trained to detect wildlife items like animal skin, bones and horns was pressed into service in the Jaldapara National Park from today.

Foresters said the one-year-old German Shepherd was the first dog to be inducted ino the state forest department.

Rani and it's two handlers will stay in Jaldapara and travel to other forests in north Bengal if the need arises.

"It is the first time that a specially-trained dog squad has been engaged by the state forest department to track offenders," the divisional forest officer of Jaldapara wildlife division, Bhashkar J.V, said.

"Forest guard Biplab Kumar Roy and chowkidar Vanu Rava have been selected as the handler and the assistant handler of the dog, respectively," he added.

Both Roy and Rava are from Jaldapara forest division.



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