Darjeeling Village Still Has No Road

This is the road condition of Rampurey Khasmahal busty under Takdah Cantt. Rangli Ranglioot block..

This village lies only around 22kms away from Darjeeling town, yet there is no motorable road connecting the village to the outside world.

The villagers are forced to carry their goods themselves and students have to start walking early in the moring to get vehicles to reach their resective schools.

Especially in monsoon, the elderly and sick people, including pregnant woman have to face a lot of problems due to the lack of road connectivity. A kaccha road was build almost a decade ago, but even that road has remained nothing more then a pagdandi...

Truth be told. Rampurey is one of the most backward villages in Darjeeling, which is yet to see any semblance of development.

Wake Up GTA!!

Issac Khaling, TheDC


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