Been 6 days Jordhunga road got washed away yet no politicians has come nor any relief

Despite it being six days since the collapse of the ONLY road access connecting Jordhunga under Tode-tangta GP (GTA 45 constituency) to Bindu and thus rest of India, there has been no help coming from anywhere.

Such is the apathy that neither the GTA Sabhasad, not District administration officials have even bothered to visit the place.

Only 100 meters from Indo-Bhutan Border, Jordhunga is one of the most deprived villages in Darjeeling region, with no access to motor-able road, this kaccha road was the only access to outside world, and now even that has collapsed. And seeing the administrative apathy, it is highly likely that even this kaccha road may not be even repaired.

In desperation, the villagers had to resort to cutting the side of a steep hill, just so they could walk.

With only Gods name on their lips the school going children, older people and pregnant woman are being forced to walk this unwalkable path.

Sanjau Gurung, DC - Pic ILS


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