8 minors rescued who were being trafficked to Delhi from Assam via CoochBehar & Siliguri

A woman named Geeta had boarded Bramhaputra Mail from Assam for Delhi on Monday. She was travelling with 8 minor kids. 5 are boys and 3 are girls. Railway Police got some information about this and they apprehended the lady last night at Coochbehar station and rescued the kids. NGO and police have doubts that she is working for a trafficking racket which takes the parents of kids into confidence to give their kids a better life by employing them in good business establishments in the cities but later sells them off to various places. Girls are usually pushed into prostitution and boys are made to beg after ampulating their body parts. Some are even made bonded labours. On investigation its has been found the lady gave Rs 500/- each to the kids parents for each kid. All kids are from Assam's Kokrajhar district. Police are more investigating into the case. A request from all if you see kids travelling in trains do have a close look on them. And if you doubt they are being trafficked, immediately inform the Railway station master or Police about it. SHARE

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