Uncle Your Jio is a Money, My Tears who will see ?

5 years old girl child of writes to Reliance Jio Company Chairman Mukesh Ambani

Dear Uncle Mukesh Ambani
You are so rich that you also want happiness of everyone so you launched Jio.

But today I am so poor Uncle your riches will not make me happy.

My father and mother finds hardly a time to love me from Monday to Friday only just for half and hour in evening when I sleep by their side that also after 10 or 11 in night, they be busy on their mobile, I long for their love so i keep waiting for it wetting my sleepy eyes each night.

They leave me to school in a school van on morning bleach day road side , they are always hurry I never say bye because they both leave me in a school bus by a maid. I never had such time when I could wave my hand from window of bus happily bye bye mom & dad, because everytime maid left me and fetched me home.
My parents come home from office at 7 PM, their hands are never free from mobile.

Candy crush, facebook, whatsapp my parents hardly ask did you have food?

I watch my cartoon beside, my mom and dad still on phone, I long for their warmth hug but it is always my dream. From monday to Friday I long for love and now when you have launched more facility of 4G I think I will never get their love.
When it is Saturday and Sunday they never take me for a troll, disco and party again I be alone and Monday come.

Uncle your is money, you earn but my is parents , I need a love please give me my love and take away your internet which is ruining my right to be a child of lost parents.

If you give free internet then I will have to wait for my parents until 2 AM for their love in bed ...... I will cry , I will cry, I will cry

Please uncle spare my right


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