Will The World End Next Month?

It has been quite a year for doommongers – only last month they feared the second coming of Jesus might coincide with a flip of the Earth’s magnetic poles. Now a new theory suggests the world may be ended by hidden planet hurtling through our solar system called Nibiru. Conspiracy theorists claim the world’s scientists and governments have been covering up this impending doomsday. A video has appeared on YouTube claiming to capture footage of the mysterious planet, alongside a blood moon, which they say marks the beginning of the end. For years, conspiracy theorists have claimed that Nibiru, or Planet X – an alleged planet with a large orbit – will wreak havoc on Earth. However, this is the first theory to link NIbiru to a blood moon event, claiming that the mysterious planet is to blame.
Blood moons are caused by sunlight passing over the Earth’s atmosphere which is refracted in such a way that green to violet light is scattered more strongly than red light, leaving the red light to reach the moon’s surface. Since 2014 there have been several blood moons seen which is very rare – only a handful have been seen in the last 2,000 years. The new video, posted by YouTube channel, Nibiru Planet X 2016, suggests that blood moons are really the shadow of Nibiru as it nears Earth. The video states: ‘The video you are about to watch is going to change everything you have been taught and everything that you believe in. ‘This will show you the real reason why the moon has been turning a blood red… it is because planet Nibiru was next to it and casting its red shadow upon the moon.’
The footage shows the moon with an apparent ‘twin’ over Pennsylvania – however images like this have been captured before and are caused by lens flare, in which a reflection of the moon displays on the image. However, the video adds: ‘Now I know a lot of you naysayers will say this is a lens flare, but save your comments for another time as this is a stationary object next to the moon there is absolutely no doubt about it. ‘ There is absolutely no doubt there is a planet in our solar system that does not belong there, something we have not seen in our lifetime or this century or the last few centuries of the past.’
The video also says that the world governments know about the impending apocalypse, but have kept it private. The narrator of the video states: ‘I believe now is the time for full disclosure, but we will not see the full disclosure, because our government is hiding this cataclysmic event. ‘I guess the time is now to prepare. Whatever mid-September holds in about 30 days, if we see another blood red moon, I would have to say Nibiru is upon us, and now is the time to start preparing. ‘I don’t know how much time we have.’ This is not the first time that people have predicted the arrival of Nibiru, however it is yet to be proven to be a real planet. Daily Mail

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