Thimmoji from Karnataka on 12 country Dream Bike Ride to South East Asia reaches Siliguri

On day 9 Deepak Thimmoji writes: Dream SEA Ride-Day 9: As time is short to reach Myanmar rider my challenge is first stretch from Kolkata to Siliguri gateway to NE , and it's nightmare to for biker , you can not imagine what are all hurdles come in road , this is my second time first time with family on car , we not able to make in a day , I am also not sure wether I can make , the good thing couple of kilometre d completed , all east and south bikers interested in NE the goods news road work is in progress, nothing much as my bike in this extreme conditions performing well with many pot holes , town traffics chaos , our pannier are compact , manuring in traffic jam's light weight helped me a lot ...right choice ..covering 500 plus km , I think this impulse can manage any ware in the world , inspite of this chaos and mess on the road , good thing about my break in the middle of the road , I found a small tree shadows to park on NH , it's very hot n humidity , I saw a tough looking man started and went to take a bath in river , I was so tired at noon , he came and called me inside to take some rest , the heat is too much , sat for some time , needed rest as long way to go , no way out , decided for a nap, when I woke up these people are waiting, so time to move , they invited me for launch ...I was little reluctant first , what's lunch do they have Kichidi , OK , ......I was hungry it's very taste done by skilled cook ......these kind of compassionate story can experience when you are traveller then tourist , solo it's still better ........
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