SAD: Atyachar on a street vendor selling bananas on the streets of Nepal

Though it's his fault too should have not entered the main road, but what was done to him is totally UN-acceptable.

Similarly this happens in before Mahananda bridge at Champasari but the Siliguri police till date have not harmed him. There is a pineapple vendor who earns his living by selling pineapples for Rs 10/- per plate and his 'thela' is parked extreme off road. Police have several times said him to leave and he parks his 'thela' backside of PC Mittal bus terminus. May be police did so as vehicles stop by to buy from him and jam may take place. Yesterday saw that thin little man pushing his thela all the way from PC Mittal to Champasari back home in 35℃ heat. Felt bad but then looked up and said God is there. Let him do his job.

We had posted about this pineapple man several times earlier. He is a good man by heart. At times when we didn't have money, he said "kya hum pasa manga aapse", his words make the pineapple more sweater. God bless him.

Pics by Nepal ko routine bandha


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