Kanchanjungha Uddhar Kendra was once again successful in rescuing a minor girl from bonded labour in Delhi

Sunita Urau Toppo (name changed ) of Simulbari Tea Estate was missing since 8th January 2013. An FIR had been lodged in Bagdogra P.S by her father but she was traceless.
The case came to Kanchanjungha Uddhar Kendra a few days ago i.e  2nd of August 2016. Immediate action was taken and necessary investigation was done and the minor girl was rescued in less than 15 days. The girl has been reunited with her family after more than 3 years.
Sunita had gone to see her friend. Her friend was not home. A relative of her friend took her with him promising her that he is taking her to meet her friend. But the man took her to Delhi and sold her to a household. Sunita had been living a life of a bonded labour since then.
The man who sold her had been visiting at times and taking money from the employer poising himself as her relative. He made stories about Sunita's family. He sometimes said that her father is ill and is in the hospital or her father is dead and took her salary. Since Sunita was not able to tell her proper address the employer was not able to contact her family.

The rescue operation was a success and for that I would like to thank Mr.Rajen Chettri, Mr.Sunil Tamang, Mr.Rupesh Lama and Mr.Youngchen Lama for the support and dedication they have shown to Kanchanjunga Uddhar Kendra. I believe together we can make a difference. Thank you once again.
Rangu Sourya

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