How Darjeeling Hill Children Are Being Supplied With ROTTEN RATION by Bengal ICDS

Negligence, corruption and lack of concern have set their roots deeply among the Government staffs and officials at our place, while we still choose to remain indifferent and ignorant about all the hassles that the society faces due to the distorted system in the Government Sector.

In a case of blatant apathy and coldness, we come across the story of ICDS Project under the Office of the Child Development Officer, Rangli-Rangliot, Takdah, Darjeeling.

Mr. Pravesh Lama, who works as Carrier Contractor under the ICDS itself, puts light upon the poor quality and condition of the ration that the ICDS supplies for 204 distribution points under 11 Gram Panchayats under Rangli Rangliot block.

The ration that the ICDS supplied passed through a chain from Kolkata to the store office at Rangli Rangliot, where contrary to what should have actually been, no official would be found to inspect or record the details of the materials that would be unloaded.

Mr. Lama, as his duty ordained, would arrange for the pick-up and distribution of the ration supplies to the various distribution points irrespective of the negligence of the officials. It was in the same process that the distributors at various points complained about the completely horrible condition of the rice they received. The distributors would open up the sacks to find rotten and decayed rice, not once, but on several occasions.

The distributors in their turn, having no access to the officials, demanded clarification from Mr. Lama. Although Mr Lama worked under the same department, he could not live with the injustice towards the people and suggested them to take the supplies back to the store and make a complaint there. Following the suggestion, the people transported the sacks of rotten rice back to the storehouse, where they could never find a staff or official. The pleas of the people are yet to be heard by anyone, while the sacks of the rotten ration supplies lie down on the floor of the store house as a proof of their helplessness.

Mr Lama says, “The ration supplies, no matter from where they come from, are meant for the children and due to the insincerity of a group of people, a large number of children are being denied of their right to proper nourishment. People have raised their voice at the right time and for the right reason. This kind of attitude from the officials will only foster poverty and corruption and should be condemned by one and all.”

We are very thankful of Mr. Pravesh Lama for trying to highlight the utter apathy and shameful lack of responsibility on the part of ICDS officials, instead of being a part of the corrupt system and choosing to stand with his hands folded.

We also thank him for bringing the issue to our attention. We really hope that the concerned authorities take appropriate steps to improve the system and situation.

Bicky Sharma, DC


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