Sikkim Pradesh TMC General Secretary Tshering Wangchuk Lepcha has alleged that beginning from 2007 till date, almost 70 crores of public fund for Sikkim University has been siphoned off by the Sikkim University administration illegally.

He alleges that the Utilization Certificate (UC) year 2010-11,shows that ₹10.23 crore has been spent which was not actually been spent. “The examination of the UC shows that there is also a huge difference of Interest earned between original and revised Utilisation certificates. From the year 2007 till 2011, the difference of interests is ₹69.58 crores,” he says.

In a press release he states:

₹1.37 crore was withdrawn in cash besides several cheques worth Crores of rupees were also issued in different selected individuals names during the period of 2010-11. There was no books of accounts maintained and pure violation of norms by not following established accounting system by the Sikkim University administration.

There were lots of irregularities in appointments and there is full violation of Sikkim University Act part 6 (4) which states " it's apparent that the reason of establishing of the university in the state of Sikkim was to pay special attention to the improvement of the social and economic condition of the welfare of the people of Sikkim and also the intellect, academic and cultural development and interest of the people of Sikkim at large."

This act clearly show priority to Sikkimese local people in regards to admission/jobs etc but SU administration has openly violated the said part of the SU Act of which lots of educated unemployed youths and students from Sikkim are suffering.

Huge payments of ₹2,14,092 was irregularly paid towards the electricity charges for the Second of residence property of SU at Delhi while the residence was hardly used.

There were irregularities in hiring Guest Houses and Cars for the University by the administration of the Sikkim University. The Caretaker for the Siliguri Guest houses of the SU was also illegally appointed.

The people of Sikkim have the right to ask where has such huge amount of money for public gone. It's really shocking and astonishing. Entire public from innocent rural locals of Yangang, Unemployed youths and students of Sikkim have been suffering for the past 9 years because of lackadaisical approach of the SU administration and the State Government.

Via Talk Sikkim

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