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Effective June 1, Sweets Sellers will Carry Best-Before and Manufacturing Date

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has asked local 'mithai' and sweet shop owners to display the manufacturing date and the “best before" date on loose sweets sold in their shops in a move that will help ensure that the consumers are purchasing a fresh product. The order, which will be effective 1 June.


A terrible accident occurred last night at Demdima near Birpara after a truck collided with a car. 5 persons have been reported dead. The collision was so powerful that the Scorpio was reduced to scrap. 
Entire region is mourning such a fatal mishap. In liu to this Dinbazar Market of Birpara is fully Closed today.

Holland Has Become The First Country In The World Without Street Dogs

While there are many countries around the world in which stray dogs are still an ever-increasing issue, in the country of the Netherlands they’ve all been saved and rehomed. The way this was achieved was through the government’s push for the PSVIR method – meaning pick, sterilize, vaccinate, identify, and return. As of 2016, the streets of the Netherlands are now stray dog-free, and the rest of the world would be wise to follow suit.

The Netherlands is a country with a rich history of dogs. Almost every family in the 19th century had a dog as they were seen as a social symbol. However, as the number of dogs increased, so did the outbreak of rabies amongst other problems. Soon, many owners started to become afraid of their pets and began to abandon their dogs. Therefore it didn’t take long at all for the streets to become overrun with strays.
In order to facilitate change, the Netherlands decided to organize certain sterilization days in order to spay/neuter pets. It was free as the gove…

Biker Dead, Pilon Rider Critical After Hit by Truck near Salugara this Morning

A bike was hit head-on by a truck near Salugara this morning. As per sources the bike rider is dead and the pilon rider who is a lady is extremely critically injured and admitted at Anandaloke Hospital. The truck driver fled from the spot with the truck. One of our followers grabbed a picture of the truck and has informed police it's vehicle number. If you see the truck please inform police. It's number is WB783683.

Honk More-Wait More: Hyderabad to go the Mumbai way, will Siliguri follow?

Following the move called ‘The Punishing Signal’ initiated by the Mumbai police to curb the reckless honking at traffic signals, Hyderabad Traffic Police has also decided to install decibel meters at important junctions in the city. Under the initiative, every time the contraption detects the noise level to be above 85 dB, the traffic signal would reset automatically.

Lived in tent, sold puchkas, slept hungry, now plays cricket for India Under-19

Yashasvi Jaiswal has become the talk of the town after his extraordinary performance against Pakistan in the Under-19 World Cup semifinal on February 4, taking India to the finals.
For three years, he lived with groundsmen in the Muslim United Club’s tent at the Azad Maidan ground in Mumbai. He had to, after he was thrown out of a dairy shop where he used to sleep. Yashasvi Jaiswal was just 11 years old then and the only thing that kept him going was a dream — to play cricket for India.
It’s six years later now and Jaiswal is 17 years old, a middle-order batsman with remarkable temperament and is ready to join the India Under-19 team for the Sri Lanka tour. Mumbai’s Under-19 coach Satish Samant says Jaiswal has “extraordinary game sense and unflappable focus.”
The younger of two sons to a small-time shopkeeper in Bhadohi in Uttar Pradesh, Jaiswal moved to Mumbai to pursue cricket. His father did not object since he found it hard to feed the family. An uncle, Santosh, in Mumbai, had a hou…

Now Indian Tourists have to Pay Rs 1200 Per Day as Entry Fee in Bhutan

Bhutan's goverment passed a legislation that makes it mandatory for visitors from India, Bangladesh and the Maldives to pay a fee of Rs 1200 per day.The fee will be charged from July 2020 and the fee is called a ‘Sustainable Development Fee’ (SDF).The decision comes in light of the increasing number of ‘regional tourists’ to the region and its effect on Bhutan’s ecology. According to the Tourism Council of Bhutan’s Annual Report, India is the main source of visitors to the country. India’s share in visitors to Bhutan is more than 69 per cent with more than 19 lakh tourists visiting the country. GPlus

TRAGIC : House Completely Destroyed by FIRE at Rabindra Nagar in Siliguri

A fire completely destroyed a house at Rabindra Nagar in Siliguri this afternoon around 2.30pn.

Sources informed that the fire started from the kitchen leading to calendar blast which engulfed the whole house. No casualties have been reported but the house has been completely destroyed. 
The house was of 2 storied. Below was cemented and upper part was made for wood said sources. Soon fire brigade reached the spot and have taken the fire under control.

Anuradha Koirala Wins Padma Shri For Rescuing 12,000 Girls From Trafficking

Anuradha Koirala has won the Padma Shri award for rescuing over 12,000 girls from trafficking.She has also prevented over 45,000 women from being trafficked across the India-Nepal border.
Koirala was born in West Bengal, but spent most of her life in Nepal. She worked as a teacher in Kathmandu.
In 1993, she set up Maiti Nepal, a shelter for women who had been trafficked to receive material help as well as psychological counselling. Her organisation runs three prevention homes, 11 transit homes, two hospices and a school.
The organisation runs awareness and counselling programs as well as rehabilitation programs. It runs a school, gives people Anti-Retro Viral treatment for HIV and provides training courses in hotel management, tailoring and computers, among others.
Koirala was declared a CNN Hero in 2010 and was given a Mother Teresa Award in 2014.
Koirala got married against her family’s wishes to someone outside her caste. She was 19 at the time and her marriage failed a few years later.…

Still Udta Punjab - Police In Punjab Bust Drug Racket, Seize Heroin Worth 2000 Crore

In a major drug bust case, the Punjab Police seized nearly 200 kg heroin, claimed to be worth around Rs 2,000 crore, from a house in Sultanwind village of Amritsar district and arrested six people, including an Afghan national, officials said.

Acting on a tip-off, police raided the house in Akash Avenue late night on Thursday and recovered the heroin along with other contraband, said Special Task Force chief Harpreet Sidhu.

In addition to 194.15 kg heroin, 38 kg dextromethorphan, 25 kg caffeine powder, probably used to cut and mix the heroin, and six drums of chemical composition weighing 207 kg were also recovered, he said.

An illegal lab was found set up inside the house where preparation, mixing and cutting of drugs was taking place, Sidhu said.

The Afghan national arrested during the raid had come to India a week ago and his task was to dilute, refine and mix the high-quality heroin, he said.

Among the other five accused are Sukwinder Singh, Major Singh and Tamanna Gupta.

Chief Minister…