Kolkata Girls Bravely Confront A Creep Who Was Recording Them. Cops Say, “Not A Big Deal”

Kolkata Girls Bravely Confront A Creep Who Was Recording Them. Cops Say, “Not A Big Deal”

Have you ever encountered a creep in public transport staring right at you, making you uncomfortable with his mere gaze? Guessing that’s a yes. To top it up, there are ones who take it a step further and start clicking pictures or recording videos of you.

There are many who don’t get caught and think it is ok to do so and will get away with it. But that’s not true for everyone. Like, this fellow right here.

His name is Pintu Mondal and was on Howrah-Malda Intercity Express on Friday, July 28. He started clicking pictures of a girl sitting opposite to him. He thought he was smart enough and could do whatever he could. But, when was caught red-handed, he blatantly denied doing anything.

As seen in a video, he is seen justifying his actions and says that he didn’t click any pictures and rrefused to give his phone passcode, when asked to prove his innocence.

But right before the next station, he was seen owning up to what he did, citing he clicked it only because he liked the tattoo a lot.

Hearing this the victim, Ditsa Upadhyay was seen giving it back to him. In an agitated tone, she asked him whether he had taken her permission to click her tattoo or her back or anything?

Her friend Satarupa Chakraborty, recorded it all live and also put a post in Bengali.


Speaking to us, another friend of Ditsa, Smritiparna Sengupta cited the whole incident and said,

“At first, we were not sure, if he was clicking our pictures. Then a friend of ours started pacing and found out that he was clicking pictures and making videos. Then, we pretended to talk aloud about the fact that we got to know what he’s doing so that he stops. And, maybe he did.
Then, when we were about to get down at Howrah station, we saw that he was clicking a photo of Ditsa’s tattoo. Immediately, Ditsa snatched his phone. Before she could see anything, the phone got screen-locked. We kept asking him for the pin so that we could see what was on the phone, but he kept on refusing. And, in the end, shameless owned up that he clicked pictures only because he liked the tattoo.”

As soon as they reached Howrah station, they took the man to Howrah GRPF (Government Railway Police Force) where they were, after much reluctance, allowed to lodge a complaint. Ditsa told us,

“When we took him there, we were given two options — either we could hand over the case to the GRPF or we could lodge an FIR in the Police Station. They, at first, wanted us to not take the matter too seriously. One officer told us in Bengali that we are ‘bhadro gharer mei” (girls from good families) so we shouldn’t even get into the mess of a complaint. Because it would entail us to coming to the station, the court and would create a hectic situation for us.
Another senior officer, upon seeing the picture said that there was nothing ‘apattijanak’ (objectionable) about the picture of my back with the tattoo on it. I was shocked. I was like: It is my body, and no one can click any picture without my permission. Be it either of my front, back, ear’s hole or anything.
We were shocked to see that these are the people in our system.”

The victim had to give a written letter that she’s handed over the case to the Howrah GRPF and they would be carrying forth the investigation in the matter.
Not sure what is more shocking? The fact that the man was casually recording the girl and clicking pictures; or the attitude shown by the officers at the railway station.


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