3 pythons of Rock, Burmese & reticulated species gave birth to 56 snakelings in Kolkata's Alipore Zoo

Three Pythons in Kolkata's Alipore Zoo gave birth to 56 snakelings by the process of artificial incubation. It is being termed as the historical achievement for the zoo.
For the first time, eggs of two rock python were hatched at the zoo.
Alipore Zoo director Ashish Kumar Samanta said, "All three pythons were of three different species--Rock, Burmese and Reticulated. The Rock Python laid two eggs, and both were hatched . The Burmese Python had laid 41eggs in March of which 34 hatched in April. The reticulated Python laid 28 eggs of which 20 hatched."
Researcher Tania Chatterjee said, "We were continuously monitoring the hatching process for 75 days till it was over."
Usually the number of eggs laid in one go is between 10-15 but this marks a bumper breeding for Alipore Zoo officials to boast about it. (ANI)


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