The inspiring Woman Taxi Driver of Sikkim

Facing depressing circumstances after losing husband at young age with a child to look after, where home basics were everyday struggle, this woman of Sikkim accepted the challenge of her difficult life and wrote her victory in her own words and made her dream come true today.

While struggling to put food on table for her child, she decided to choose male proffession to become a Taxi Driver in Gangtok. After a continuous hard struggle, she learned driving and finally became a Taxi Driver which was her dream some years ago. And today, she owns a taxi car in Gangtok and runs from Old Bansilal Petrol Pump near Hotel Hungry Jack.

The name of such a inspiring woman of Sikkim is Lhamu Konchok. She's now living a comfortable life and she makes sure that her child gets proper food and education. She also makes sure on the steering of her taxi that life of her passengers are very precious for their families like for her own child so she drives very carefully and responsively. After getting victory over all the odds of past life, Lhamu Konchok finally started her new life in Gangtok.


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