Remembering Lalita Maam: A Tribute

Prayash Gupta, a former student of Lalita ma'am, shares a poem he wrote for his beloved teacher when he was a student at the Darjeeling Govt College:

"Gone are those days when Women had to fight for their right,
Gone are those days, when man of little knowledge
dominated the entire society,
People are now conscious about “ShivShakti”,
The fact that Universe runs and living creature exists
on both masculine and feminine powers.

We learnt about great women who changed the course of history-
Mother Teresa, Indira Gandhi, Kalpana Chaula;
but never had an opportunity to see them before our eyes.

But we are lucky to see you “The living legend,”
A woman who have already spent 33 years of her precious
life in shaping the future of her students,
Without feeling tired or exhausted, still moving forward
with more energy and enthusiasm.

How curiously I wish I could listen to your motivating
and inspiring lectures.
Still I can remember one incident
The day I was on my way to college-fatigued and tired-
Just then one vehicle stopped near me, and a known voice called me,
“Come in”
I was surprised to see “The Principal of my College giving me a lift.”

The Day always remains in my mind not because I got a lift but
Because you always remembered your students, even if they are
hundreds and thousands in number.

I feel myself blessed to be a student of such a
Charismatic, Literate and beautiful teacher.
Really ma’am,
You are living Goddess of learning and wisdom."



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