One Minute Story by Nileema Jain

He sat there peeping from behind his coffee mug to have a glimpse of her. She sat there completely unperturbed, sipping her coffee and playing with that one tiny strand of hair. It was their first courtship meeting.

He was the first one to begin:
"Anita, I know its an arranged affair. But trust me I will never leave you alone. I promise to love you till my last breath and be with you when ever you need me. I will make sure that I make a good husband."

She put down her coffee, smiled and said:
"Vivek, thank you for those kind words but I am a bit more practical than you might have expected me to be. Let me put it this way >>

I think three things are the most important ingredient in any relationship (including marriage) - respect for each other, trust in each other and then love. I do not want a life long commitment from you about "loving" me and being with me because "lifetime" is a long journey. We do not know what might be the circumstances tomorrow let alone the "lifetime". But yes there are few things I would want from you as my husband:

Never let the trust in the relationship go for a toss. I would "always" take your words as it is. Just have the courage to speak truth always!

Secondly respect me for my individuality. As a husband you have all the right to know what I am doing, to give me ideas, to disagree with me - but don't ever do anything to hurt my self respect.

Lastly let "love" evolve between us. Just because we are engaged does not mean we need to be head over heels for each other just from the start. We should concentrate on knowing each other rather than "showing" our love for each other because somewhere we know we would be faking that. I do not mind even if it takes months, but when you say "I love you" I want each letter to resonate in my ears. Let these three words come at the right time. Courtship should be a period of being "expressive" rather than being "impressive".

I think if these three things are taken care of the rest would just follow. Marriage is a long journey and I am an ardent believer of it. Hence I want those promises and commitments from you to evolve with time- all I want from you is "be yourself" with me always."

He suddenly felt his stiff muscles feeling relaxed. For some reason he felt so free. He was no longer nervous about marriage. He could smell the real "freedom". :)

- Nileema Jain


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