No One Has The Guts To Arrest Me: Imam Barkati

Motor mouth Kolkata cleric Mualana Noor-ur Rehman Barkati continues to remain defiant despite three separate police complaints against him for defying the law and making derogatory comments. On Friday, the Imam of Kolkata’s Tipu Sultan mosque reiterated that he will continue with a red beacon on his vehicle despite the central government ban on its use. When India Today questioned him on the illegal use of the beacon, an angry Barkati retorted asking, “Why are you so concerned about my red beacon?”

“No one has the guts to remove my red beacon. It’s been with us for hundreds of years. It is the RSS which is illegal, Modi is illegal not the red light on my car. Don’t try disturbing Muslims in Bengal,” the controversial cleric told India Today. His response comes just a day after multiple police complaints were filed against him for illegally using the red beacon and making hate speeches. Complaints have been filed at Topsia and Gariahat police stations in Kolkata and Golabari station in Howrah district by various individuals.

Earlier he had issued a fatwa against the prime minister. Even today he has said that there is nobody who can remove his red beacon. So we asked police to arrest him and there should be legal proceeding against him as per the law of the country,” said Rajarshi Lahiri, one of complainants.

“His deliberate and intentional hate speeches were only ingredients for instigation of giving rise to communal tensions and disruption of communal harmony,” states one of the complaints. However, the cleric remains undeterred by all the criticism. “What’s my crime? Why will I be arrested? Just because I speak the truth? Does anyone has guts (to arrest me)…I’m not scared,” he hit back.

On Friday BJP Yuva Morcha supporters demonstrated in central Kolkata demanding Barkati’s immediate arrest, accusing the cleric of making anti-India statements. Similar protest were held in Howrah with BJP supporters burning his effigy. “If this kind of treatment is being meted out to me, then think of what will happen to the Muslims across the country? They want to make India a Hindu rashtra! Either I will live in this country or the RSS,” Barkati said.


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