No More Your Gorkhas by Theckla Dhakal

Cast away the empathy
Clichéd forever
Insanity a psychic ingrown,
No more Your Gorkhas
In caged, with clipped wings,
Groveling in the dust under a thatched roof
With a syckle ,khukuri , a watch dog at your door,

The basking sharks did swallow us and out
Of the slimy phelm we did rise
To weave the silken
Multicolored  fabric of cultural thread  to
knot us for good or worse with no loose ends
to unwind us  again.
Our cuisine has embraced the euphoria
Of steaming momos with rasgollas
The sel rotis encircles the Kashimiri aloos to  smack
Love bites for feasting appetite.
Look beyond the unseen
You may not have seen
The artists have dipped their brush in their soul
The colours are flowing in their veins, bones and flesh.
The sculptors are carving their creation for dreams lying frozen under 
the dead snow,
Writers are digging the history buried long ago.
Poems are inkling to bloom the water lily out of the  murky sinking sand.
Songs are sung from gayney’s  sarangi to the rock and roll blues and the Jass.
Maruni is being graced from the East to the West.

Knowledge abounds Wisdom grows
from  ignorance  to light. 
We are learning to love
the sound of our feet walking across the ocean and lands
Assimilating the pieces to amalgamate the whole..
Havard, NASA trans-Atlantica 
No  doubt  the Gorkhas  marching for  the galaxies

Erst the while
I  Told you as we know
We still  have the hiccups of the Piedpiper
  the masked that lies asunder
Hopes  to  trust
for they too are the sons of
Gokha’s  land.

- Theckla Dhakal


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