Fake news of the death of Nepal superstar Rahesh Hamal goes viral over social media

Some fake websites and fake social media pages have written a fake story of Nepal superstar Rajesh Hamal death early morning today which is not true.

They have mentioned that he died via some accident when his vehicle was ramped by a truck.

Sources say Rajesh Hamal is all well and had even gone to vote today morning.

Rajesh Hamal is a Nepalese actor in Nepal. He has received many awards for his acting including the National Film Awards from 1988–2014. He is currently serving as Goodwill Ambassador for the Building Back Right initiative to promote reconstruction after the April 25 earthquake that is safe, environmentally sustainable, culturally appropriate and free of rights violations such as child and bonded labour.

Long live our superstar Rajesh Hamal 👍


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