Elderly Couple Donate One Crore Rupees of their Lifetime Saving Towards National Defence Fund

In a gesture that will melt your heart and lift-up the spirit of our soldiers, the elderly
couple from Bhavnagar (Gujarat) today set an example by donating towards National Defence Fund.

Janardanbhai, who is a retired SBI worker, and his wife Padmaben Bhatt donated Rs 1 crore of their lifetime savings to National Defence Fund.

The National Defence Fund was set up for voluntary donations and is used for the welfare of the members of our armed forces and their dependents.

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84-year-old retired bank employee donates life savings to Armed Forces

Charity by celebrities and power brands are a common tale, but an 84-year-old retired bank employee has tugged heartstrings by donating his entire life savings amounting to Rs. one crore to the National Defence Fund.

Hailing from Gujarat's BhavnagarJanardan Bhattand his wife donated Rs one crore to National Defence Fund from their savings.

When Janardan, a retired State Bank of India (SBI) clerk saw reports of martyred Army jawans at borders and facing herculean

challenges under Pakistan-promoted terrorism, he decided to take the major step by doing his bit for the Indian Army.

He had saved a good amount of money from his earnings as well as invested in various funds from time to time, which gave him good returns when he retired.

The elderly man has a record of being a Good Samaritan of sorts, as all his life he tried to help everyone. Even as a union leader he solved many problems of his co-workers.

This is not for the first he has donated such a large sum of money, as earlier, Bhatt and his colleague had shelled out 54 lakhs in order to help someone.



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