Dr. Prem Dorjee Bhutia donates an acre of land in Lava near Kalimpong to govt to build hospital

Dr. Prem Dorjee Bhutia, after becoming a Doctor, wasn't only left with his dreams of serving the people of his region, but he also closely held his late father's wish of having a hospital for his village.
Dr. Bhutia, senior consultant of internal medicine at Neotia Getwell in Siliguri, along with his family donated an acre of land back at his native village in Lava to the govt for building a hospital and hence to see his fathers dream come true.
Dr. Bhutia, in his step towards fulfilling his father's dream, was supported by his mother Madhu Bhutia and other family members  namely Tshering Nhedup Bhutia and Dorjee Bhutia.
Dr. Bhutia's father Naak Singh Bhutia, born in a humble family leading a rural life, himself couldn't attain any education, but then he was always concerned about the problems of his place. He had always in his life been stressing on the importance of having a hospital in the village. Dr. Bhutia in the course of fulfilling the same dream went on the donate the acre of land with the vision of having a big hospital to his place.
The idea of hospital at the place becomes very crucial as there are no proper medical facilities at Lava that cater to the health needs of the people. For any treatment, people need to travel to Kalimpong or Gorubathan, which causes a considerable inconvinience. It becomes even more complicated at the times of medical emergencies, and not having a proper hospital for the place goes to become that small difference between life and death.
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