Violence at Venus More in Siliguri after Dead Bodies at Fulbari Kabristan were found Missing

Violence erupted at Venus More on Hill Cart Road Siliguri after dead bodies of the Muslim community were found missing from the Fulbari burial grounds said sources today afternoon.

An angry mob alleged attacked shops and establishment's with stones at Alupatty and Venus More prompting them to pull down shutters.

Barricades were set up by police on all four sides stopping traffic to enter Venus More. The matter was cooled down when police intervened and said will investigate into the matter.

No info on if anyone has been arrested. Though situation is normal now, but as precaution we request readers to enjoy the holiday and avoid travelling to the areas that were tensed a while ago.

Info gathered by speaking to locals at Venus more by our sources.

One of our reader says "5 dead bodies from the graveyard was missing from which 2 bodies (one child and one women) was buried yesterday"


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